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What I've been up to... the new project.

Hi there. I haven't been on here updating my website or letting you know what I've been up to recently so I thought I'd remedy that. The truth is that since the death of my sister, I've just thrown myself into a new project which has helped with my grief enormously.

Unlike my other albums, this one features two awesome musicians in Steve Stewart and mezzo soprano, Rachel Hickman. The album which is as yet untitled, tells the story of the 911 tragedy and will accompany a yet to be made movie (I'm working on it). This is not a solo album for Steve (that's the next project) or Rachel but they are massively important in it, moving the narrative along.

The writing took me 5 months to complete, eight tracks and is a hefty 49 minutes long. Everything is now recorded and I'm at the tedious but vital mixing stage. A release date hasn't yet been set although we expect it to be on or around the 20th anniversary of the event (this year if you can believe it).

If, as I hope, you are interested in following this project, you can do so at Please feel free to sign our Guest book which will entitle you to periodic updates and a £2 discount on the finished album if you sign up before the release date.

You can hear Steve playing 2 excerpts from the Elegy in the video above. I think the playing is sublime and I really hope it will whet your appetite for more. So please enjoy and I look forward to seeing you on my guest list some time soon.

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