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The unintended effects of Journey

Updated: May 17, 2020

It has now been 16 days since I released Journey through the Mind’s Eye. I had envisaged it as an entertaining journey, through music and nature. I laugh now when I think of myself getting up at 5am to record the dawn chorus (used in Heralds of the Dawn) and the sound of the campfire in my back garden. Really, no effort was spared to bring the album to you dear listener.

Although the donations didn’t go so well, I put this down to not having assigned a value to it in the first place. Note to self; don’t give away my music especially when I put so much effort into it. I have however, received some lovely feedback from people who stayed the course and listened to the whole album.

Interestingly, there were some effects reported by people that I hadn’t anticipated. A feeling of deep relaxation was common whilst some people reported that it had invigorating qualities. I’m listening to the album as I write and I find it focuses the mind on whatever task I have to complete, except writing music of course.

I am a Reiki Master of some 25 years now and regularly ran courses pre-pandemic. Many of my friends are also Reiki practitioners and their response to Journey has been fabulous. Many of them are using it during their healing and massage sessions to great success. Some are using it to help them study and I can vouch for this. The ambient nature of the music gently stimulates the brain culminating in an altered state of consciousness. Perhaps it’s because I recorded it at 432Hz (instead of 440Hz) which, it is alleged, is the “Miracle tone of Nature”. Whether you believe this or not, energy-sensitive listeners can really tell the difference (without being told).

The most exciting thing for me, however, is the album’s effect on insomnia and just difficulties in dropping off. This effect is particularly pronounced in children. My grand-children listen to it every night and are fast asleep within 15 minutes (even after a sugar rush). A good friend recommended it to her son because his daughter wasn’t getting off to sleep. She lasted 11 minutes when the album was played to her. What would you give for a good night’s sleep? The price of a pack of Nytol perhaps? I’m very excited that it also helps children, for whom no drug exists to help them sleep.

The hypnotic rhythms and gentle melodies seem to promote a sense of calm, soothing and general wellbeing. It seems that there is another group of people who are particularly enjoying the album. The stoners. The altered state of consciousness is apparently intensified and some listeners have said the album is “trippy” which I’m delighted about. It can also be enjoyed with a nice glass of wine (something stronger) or a cup of cocoa. Hey, I think it goes well with anything.

Finally, and the thing I’m most excited about is that when people have listened to the whole album, they listen many times. Some listen multiple times in one day. That has made the whole exercise worth it for me. One listener reported "that her soul was addicted to it" and she’s probably heard it a hundred times or more.

It might sound like I’ve composed the “Swiss army knife” of albums with many benefits. If you haven’t experienced it yet, please head over to my site, and download your free copy before I take it offline and put it on iTunes or Spotify.

I’ve just started my new album “Earth Rise” and this will probably be my last. I’m not going to financially survive this lockdown and need to look at other alternatives but I hope in the meantime, you will give Journey through the Mind’s Eye

a try. I ask for nothing and it is my gift to you. Perhaps the last one I’ll be able to give.

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