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Standing Alone

As you will all no doubt be aware, New York Requiem is my latest work and album. It is based on the timeline of the 2001, 9/11 tragedy and the movie shows this in detail.

We have only recently passed the 20th anniversary of that day but due to technical issues, I missed that deadline, sadly. Unfortunately, the large media channels had no such problems and you were probably bombarded with those gruesome images, on and around the anniversary possibly to the point of feeling you were overloaded.

New York Requiem is a different concept for me. While I had strong images in my imagination, the music was written without referencing actual video footage. The Movie was made retrospectively and is a reflection of my intentions and not the raison d’être per se. The purpose was always the music, first and foremost.

A lot of you may wish to hear the music but are unprepared to pay £3 to view images that you were getting for free (ad nauseam) just 4 weeks ago. That is to miss the point entirely! When you view the movie, you get the entire soundtrack that we worked on for a whole year, unexpurgated. If you purchase the album for £5.99, you get the movie link too but you don’t have to watch it. The album, I believe, stands on it’s own feet and is valid without watching a single frame of the movie.

Please don’t get the impression that New York Requiem is maudlin or depressing. There are a wide range of musical styles in its 45 minutes, ranging from the atmospheric to the lighthearted to the descriptive. It is devout and sincere while being sensitive to the subject. Rachel and Steve both did a brilliant job of executing my intentions and I know we are all very proud of it.

If you have already bought the album, I thank you sincerely. I would love to hear your thoughts on the work so please PM me if you’d like to comment. If you haven’t considered purchasing it, please consider it. I honestly believe that New York Requiem is a great addition to any music collection, especially if you love classical music or soundtracks.

I understand hardship my friends and perhaps some of you just can’t afford it or just don’t want to pay. Whatever the case, please PM me your email address and I’ll send you the link for the Movie, free of charge. This project was never about money and all we really wish for is that you get to hear our work.

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