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My dearest friends, may I trouble you one last time to ask you for your assistance?

These are troubling times for my family and I. My beautiful sister, Margaret has just been diagnosed with terminal lung and brain cancer and was moved to Overgate Hospice yesterday. She has always been a keen supporter of my work and has helped me out on numerous occassions.

In 2018, I composed a new Concerto for Alto Trombone and Brass Band for the terrific trombone player, Simon Cowen, principal trombone of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. This was a big deal as concertos for the Alto come out about once ever 300 years and I am not aware of a modern concerto for the instrument though I'm sure my trombone friends will put me right on that.

In February, I was fortunate to hear Simon record the Concerto with the Rothwell Temperance Band and have been eagerly awaiting the first edits. Well, now they're ready but the recording engineer requires £1000 to release the edits. Rothwell have, like other bands had to fork out considerable amounts of money for rehearsal facilities they can't use and other associated expenses.

I would dearly love to help them get the tapes released (I know it's all digital these days) and would love to be able to play the concerto to my sister before the inevitable happens.

Can you spare the price of a beer to help out Rothwell Band and allow me my dearest dream? If you are able to, please head over to my website, and use the Donate button. This way, I can get the cash to the band quickly. I don't expect to raise the full amount but I know that a contribution would be very welcome.

I really believe that trombonists are going to want to hear this piece, sublimely performed by my dear friend Simon, so if you're in a trombone or other brass forum, please feel free to share this appeal and help us to make it happen.

If you have read to the end of this appeal, I thank you. If you can forgo that extra beer or glass of wine to help us out, I'd be forever grateful. Please help me out so I can perform that one last positive act for my sister.

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