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Now that my journey with Journey through the Mind's Eye is completed for now, I have decided to turn my attention to getting a recording of my Symphony and if possible, a performance. This blog is to ask you for your help in spreading the word if you can spare a few minutes. So, how can you help?

  1. You could donate a small amount to my fundraising campaign. Even a small amount would be great. I'm not asking for large donations unless, of course, you really want to :-)

  2. Share my fundraising campaign on whatever social media platforms you use (e.g Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

  3. Visit my site and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Soundcloud and/or youTube. Also like my Facebook page, Ken Ferguson Composer.

  4. Sign up to a newsletter on my site which will be published every 2 months. I plan to keep subscribers up to date with all the trials and tribulations of bringing my project to fruition. I promise it will be candid, entertaining and informative.

Please help if you can and be assured that if any of my friends were running similar campaigns, I would most certainly help. Engaging a top band to take on this project is costly. The campaign is to raise a part of the cost and I will of course contribute what I can. I have other fundraising ideas, including a sponsored walk of the Pembrokeshire Coast path which is around 186 miles. Looking to do this in 2021, when the lockdown will hopefully be over.

I will make this project happen, one way or another but you have an opportunity to be a part of Brass Band history by investing either a little money or a little time. Any person who donates to my campaign will be credited on the CD sleeve notes as my way of saying thank you.

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