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New York Requiem

Hi all. It gives me great pleasure to announce the imminent release of a new album, New York Requiem. Written to commemorate the awful tragedy, 911, this album has been a year in the making written in collaboration with my two dear friends, Rachel Hickman and Steve Stewart.

It's not going to be lost on anyone that the last year or so has been extremely challenging. Trying to write an album of this scope in the midst of a pandemic was already going to be difficult, but to add in live performers, recording remotely from their home in Wales was something I wasn't absolutely certain I'd be up to doing. Happily, I was able to learn the skills required to, I hope, have done the project justice. We are certainly happy with how it turned out.

The music itself is not a traditional Requiem or perhaps, not even a Requiem at all. My central idea was to juxtapose images of the tragedy unfolding against sections of the Requiem Mass but not necessarily in a descriptive way.

The score falls into three sections:

  1. The City Sleeps, Radio City and All Aboard! The Last Stop, represent the last morning of normality for ordinary New Yorkers.

  2. Impact! Ave Maria, The Towers Fall and Aftermath, Ground Zero, form the central part of the work, the Requiem.

  3. Elegy for the Fallen and Song of Hope, round off the album bringing the whole work to a rousing conclusion.

This is the most "classical" of all my previous work, marking, in many ways, an artistic departure for me. I am, however, immensely proud of what we managed to achieve and I sincerely hope that it's something you will all want to hear and support. I don't know if I'll ever write another album which is so intense and at times dark but then again, never say never, right. I do however wish to do more with Rachel and Steve in the future and we're already tentatively discussing plans for new musical opportunities.

Sadly, due to technical difficulties of completely my own making, the album will not be released on the 11th of September as I had hoped, but will appear some time soon after. I will let you have the iTunes link as soon as I get it myself. It will be cheaply priced and all proceeds will go to supporting the artists involved.

Thanks for reading. Ken xxx

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