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I've had a cunning plan!

Just like Blackadder's Baldrick, I've had a cunning plan. I know that many of you have seen my request for donations to try and fund a recording of my Symphony. Well, that's not gone so well and I understand why. During these difficult times, money is in short supply and people quite simply can't afford to donate. I get it. I do, however, need to raise the money somehow so I came up with a dastardly, cunning plan.

I am an Amazon Associate. If any of you are planning to make any purchases through Amazon, would you please consider donating an extra 20 seconds of your time? If you click on my website,, there is an Amazon Banner at the top. Click on that and you go straight to the store where you can shop as normal. The only difference is, my associate code is embedded and although it doesn't cost you a penny more, I receive a modest commission directly from Amazon. Will you help me to fund my Symphony or do you make billionare, Jeff Bezos a little richer?

I really am just asking for that extra click to help me out. Would you do that for me, please.

Thank you

PS Apparently this doesn't work in Google Chrome :(

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