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Happy New Year

Just a short post to wish you all a very Happy New Year! 2020/21 was a difficult and emotional period for me. The writing of New York Requiem was pretty draining. Having to review hundreds of hours of 9/11 footage was never going to be a fun task and the music and logistics of the project were both daunting and testing. Unfortunately, I missed the 20th anniversary of the event which spoiled sales somewhat. It is, however, a project that can be rolled out every year so I'm optimistic that the situation will improve.

2022 will be completely different. This year, I plan to compose much happier music and my next album will hopefully reflect this. I've been experimenting with different styles (privately) and I'd love to offer you a little piece to wish you all a great year.

This little Samba is just for fun. It gave me the opportunity to use software I'd never considered before and to bring a whole new genre to the table. It's interesting to note that Samba comes from the African word Semba, meaning to hold the navel. So I invite you to pump up the volume, grab that navel and dance. Incidentally, this isn't finished yet as I'm hoping to have some Portuguese lyrics added to the chorus which will make it even more fun. I really hope that you will enjoy it. Have a great year and love to you all.

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