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For just £3...

I don't get out much these days and I have to confess, I no longer have any idea what things cost. After my Near Death Experience with a Yorkshire First bus, a very kind friend of my wife, sent me a basket of fruit from Marks and Spencers. I got to wondering about the fruit in the basket and how much each item would cost per pound. I had absolutely no idea and my best guesses were apparently way off the mark.

This is a large part of my problem: I'm antiquated. I have prices in my head that haven't existed since 2014. What does £1 buy you today? What about £5 or £10? Sorry, I have absolutely no idea. I do know, however, what £3 will buy you:

£3 will buy you Blood, Sweat and Tears; MY Blood, Sweat and Tears! For just £3, you can share in every triumph, every struggle, every uphill climb and every celebration. For just £3, you get to hear and see the fruit of our labours for the past year. You also get some fabulous performances from Rachel Hickman and Steve Stewart. What's not to like?

It's been a tough couple of years for all of us but it has been particularly hard for artists generally and performing artists in particular. All of the profit from this album will be split and shared amongst the performers.

So what does £3 buy you? For £3, you get permanent access to the Movie which contains the full and complete soundtrack. So you get everything we've worked so hard to bring you. If you are feeling particularly generous, for only £5.99, you can download the Soundtrack album in pristine quality (48Khz, 24 bit) and get access to the Movie too.

Please go to for more details. We really have worked hard on this and we would love you to hear it. Release Date: 1st October 2021

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