• Ken Ferguson

2021 - The year so far.

Well, this is the first update I've written this year which is, to be honest, a little remiss of me. I have, however, not been idle and I've actually been working as hard as ever.

This year began with the writing and recording of a new album with my dear friends, Steve Stewart on Soprano Cornet and Piccolo Trumpet and his wonderfully talented partner, Rachel Hickman, Mezzo Soprano. As the album is intended to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 911, it is our plan to release it at the end of August. There will also be a video and images which will feature music from the album. This will be published on You Tube.

In addition to the album, I have written two new pieces for a Ten Piece Brass ensemble suitable for use with an Eb horn and I've completely revised my Partita for the same ensemble but which will require a Horn in F. In addition, I've written a new arrangement for Brass Band of Bach's wonderful G minor fugue (updated for the 20th Century), a Suite for Tuba and Piano and a piece for Trumpets (piccolo and Eb), Organ and Strings. The latter piece has since been subsequently re-orchestrated for orchestra.

I have also orchestrated my Sonatina for Eb Horn and Piano and re-designated it as Concertino for Eb Cornet which will be dedicated to the afore-mentioned Steve Stewart.

Currently, I am working on a new commission for my friend Knut Arne Lange Kringstad and the film which will accompany the 911 album. In addition, I am currently researching for a book I have planned to write for years. So, I'm keeping busy but more importantly (for my family at least), I am still here, safe and well.

Which is my wish for you. Stay safe and well and hopefully, when this pandemic is deemed to be under control, I will be able to see some of you again. Thank you for reading and lots of love to you all.

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