Original Showreel

I thought I might share my original showreel for your enjoyment or curiousity. 

1. Facts of Life.  Quiz show sig tune

2. Action CueGeneric action cue

3. Muted PassionFrom a short film about unrequited love.

4. Florida OpeningOpening credits to a documentary.

5. From Riches to RagsCue from the documentary. 

6. Florida Closing CreditsClosing credits from the documentary.

7. Song of the River Horse. A documentary about Africa. 

8. Pheonix Opening Credits. A horror film with religious overtones.

9. Last Flight NorthThe last flight of a migrating swan. 

10. Cosmic RaySmall boy saves the Universe!

11. Walk in the Park. A short study in writing for woodwinds. 

12. IndianapolisKick-ass rock loop! 

13. Kyles of Bute. A postcard from the beautiful Isle of Bute.

14. Waltz3rd Variation from my "Deadline Variations". 

15. March7th Variation from my "Deadline Variations". 

1. Facts of Life
2. Action Cue
3. Muted Passion
4. Florida Opening
5. Florida Riches to Rags
6.Florida Closing Credits
7. Song of the River Horse
8. Phoenix Opening Credits
9. Last Flight North
10. Cosmic Ray-Animation
11. Walk in the Park
12. Indianapolis
13. Kyles of Bute
14. Variation 3 Waltz
15. Variation 7 March

So there you have it. Deadline Variations was written as a challenge, to produce one new variation per week.  I used to knock one out every two to three days and it really helped the writer's block I was suffering from. 

The vast majority of this music was written some years ago and I've massively upgraded my studio since then so, they're not perfect but I hope it demonstrates that I can write in a wide variety of styles.  Have fun listening and if you get the chance, leave me a bit of feedback.