Audio Examples

Journey through the Mind's Eye

Journey is my first album, which is dedicated to my dear friends, Michael and Cindy Gray. 

Originally running as a single track, the music is in seven distinct sections, each with their own character. It's clear from the outset that its pedigree is relaxation music because that was my original intent although as I progressed, the music took on a life of its own and became a descriptive fantasy through the elemental regions. Here, I have split the sections enabling the listener to skip through the separated tracks. 

Symphony #1 - NATION

I have uploaded the full symphony for your possible enjoyment.  If there are any bands out there who wish to take on the mammoth challenge of performing the Symphony, please leave a message on my home page.

Random Cues

This is a selection of cues composed over the years which once formed part of my showreel. 


Fragments is a 2009 work for Brass and Percussion based on pieces of thematic material from Franz Liszt's lesser known tone poem, Symphony Heroide, a huge funeral work. Whilst some of Liszt's music remains intact, I have used snippets of material in a free manner. The work is in 3 continuous movement and like Liszt, I explore the relationship between life and death. 

FragmentsKen Ferguson
00:00 / 13:44

Just a little Samba for your enjoyment!

Samba RioKen Ferguson
00:00 / 04:10

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